Original Paintings

Original artwork from a northerners hands and heart.
When I create I don't try to answer the questions of what, why nor when, I just let the paint and pencil flow. Sometimes, the painting has something to say and sometimes it doesn't. But no matter the message it must awaken a feeling within. Because the art that touches our souls is the art that makes our souls speak and I very much want to know what they have to say.


A couple of years ago I felt like I needed to pray, but no matter what I said the words felt fake. So, I sat down and wrote a prayer that said everything I wanted to express. This prayer wasn't what I expected since it was built upon rhyme. I had never written anything similar before. But that was the start for the poems to just flow out of me. Poems based on old norse folklore, mythology and nature. Inspired by the people, problems and joys around me.
“Vet du vad som gör mig darrande feg?
Hör du klampet från sjumilasteg?
Håll dig stilla, var rädd för ditt liv.
Stoppa raskt undan din slöa kniv.

Se ur berget kliver han fram.
En vålnad sprungen ur legendernas land.
En jätte väldig, av guld är han tung.
En krona bär han vår bergakung."


Fairy tales from the nordic woods to your home and heart
Photographs and poems. I always try to create a feeling of nordic fairytale, both in picture and with words. Beacus that is how I feel when I am out in nature, like our lives is a saga of beauty, wonders and horrors. These pieces of art is portraits of my surrounding and they are also an offering to you who need to priorotate food over an original painting.
Art is for everyone. No mather the size of your wallet. That doesn´t mean that the artists should give away their art for free. But I think it is an important gesture to offer art that most people can afford. 


There have been moments on stage when it felt like there was someone else preforming. I never know when the feeling will grip me, but when it does it feels like the barrier between us humans falls. To tell a story, no mather the artform, that touch me and you is always my goal. If that means that I have to surrender from myself, my wishes and values, so be it. The meeting is worth everything.
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© Copyright: Morgana Orvokki

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