My name is Morgana. I am a 33 years old multi artist living in the northern part of Sweden called Sapmi, and by some, Ångermanland.
I come from a background of theatre. I have spent 16 years working on different stages in southern Sweden, creating & directing original works, working with ensembles, holding workshops, teaching and experimenting. The theatreworld has always been a home, a safe place and somewhere I can explore the different aspects of the human experience. I went to different acting schools learning the art of corporeal mime, spoken and physical theater. Even though my heart loves the stage, the last two years I’ve begun to feel there’s more.

Creativity doesn't and shouldn't know any limits. It is not bound to one artform. Alongside with acting there has also been painting, fire art, writing stories, poetry, photography and music. A year ago, when I moved up to my northern home, I decided that I will not work with just one artform, but with the ones that give me joy.
The art industries are tough. Very tough. Constantly chasing new jobs, your friends are also your competitors, long hours, low salary and having your work valued and criticized every day. The variety and joy is what keeps me going, paired with a very strong feeling that I am here on this earth to create.

Nature is my biggest inspiration. Rivers, buds, northern lights, bright summer nights, birds singing, snowflakes and the knowledge that no matter what we humans do to destroy the world around us, nature will live on, long after we are gone. She will survive. But I will do what I can to make us humans reconnect with nature so that we also get to see another sunrise.
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© Copyright: Morgana Orvokki

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