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In the text that follows the customer will be referred to as the customer/buyer. Morgana Orvokki will be referred to as the seller.

All orders are placed through the website. The customer is responsible to provide the correct information when it comes to name, address, phone number and email. 

By completing an order you have automatically accepted the terms and conditions written as below.

The seller does not accept orders from Russia, North Korea, South Sudan and Dubai.

Prices and Payment

The prices can only be seen in Swedish krona, SEK-kr.

All the prices on the website include potential tax regulated by the swedish tax agency.

The costumer have two options to pay for their purchase:


Pay now - Available in: Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria.

Pay later - Available in: Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, Finland and Belgium.

Split it - Available in: Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Finland.


Account or credit card. Available worldwide for all our customers.

The customer is responsible for import clearance, VAT, permits,  taxes and any other additional duties at the country of destination.

The seller has the right to debit the customer as soon as the order has been placed by the customer.

Confirmation of an order

After purchasing a product you will receive a confirmation email. The email will contain your receipt and information about the shipping.

Shipping, delivery and insurance

After receiving a confirmation email your purchase will be shipped to you by a shipping company chosen by The seller. What company that will be used can vary from product to product. To secure a safe transport that arrives quickly is our first priority but we will of course have to consider cost and possibility to track your parcel as well.

You will get an email with the shipping details. Purchases under 500 kr will not have a tracking link. But all original artwork will always have a tracking link no matter the price.

If you have not received your purchase within 1,5 weeks for Swedish customers and 3 weeks for customers outside Sweden, please send us an email and we will take care of the situation as soon as possible.

All parcels will be insured. The insurance is included in the shipping cost.

Returns and Exhange

Before the return of a product, always contact us in advance. Either by the contact form on the web page or by an e-mail to; contact@morganaorvokki.com

A customer has the right to return any product from the day they receive it and 14 days forward. On the 15th day from receiving the product and forward, the customer can not return the product anymore.

The customer is responsible to pay the shipping cost for any returns.

The customer has to make sure that the product is properly packaged, preferably in the original packaging, protected from potential pressure and impacts during shipping.

The customer will get a full refund for the product itself when the product has been received by Morgana Orvokki. The cost for the shipping will not be refunded. Therefore, the price that the customer first paid might not be the refund they receive if the shipping was included in the original price. 

The refund will be made with the same payment method first made by the customer no later than 14 days from when we receive the returned product.

If the customer wants to exchange a product, this will be done by first making a return and after that make a new order in the webshop.

We can not accept a return and therefore a refund on orders damaged by the customer.

We can not accept a return and therefore a refund on personalized or special made orders.


If you receive a broken or damaged product please write to us as soon as possible. We will either send you a new product or refund a percent of the additional cost or handle the contact with the shipping company for the damages potentially made by them.

Potential disputes between the customer and seller, assuming that the dispute cant be solved by themselves, will be handled only in the Swedish court.

GDPR and personal information

Morgana Orvokki processes personal data in accordance with the GDPR.

Data that can be linked to you as a person will never be made available to other businesses or linked to other external registers.

www.morganaorvokki.com does not use any cookies.


All products in the webshop automatically hold a year warranty. 

Force Majeure

Morgana Orvokki shall be exempt from damages and other measures if the performance of the agreement is prevented or delayed by any circumstance beyond our control, e.g. extreme weather, new amended legislation, absent permits, war, fire, flood, labor market disturbances, technical problems, sabotage, unfavorable transport, terrorist attacks, changed governmental orders as well delays in the service by sub-suppliers due to circumstances set forth above. In such a case, Morgana Orvikki will inform the customer accordingly, and if the situation has lasted more than six weeks, both the customer and Morgana Orvokki have the right to cancel the purchase with immediate effect.

Contact information
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