Suffragette, King Kristina, the artful Dodger, the pantomime, evil teacher - I have shouldered roles from the stone in the corner to the main role at the front in the spotlight.
The theater stage has been my home ground for more than 16 years.
I graduated from Wendelsbergs theater education 2013. The training was absolutely superb, but the more I got to explore movement on stage, the more right it felt. I wanted to play theater but I wanted to use motion as my main tool. So I applied to MOVEO international school for corporate mime and physical theater where I graduated in 2019. Now ready for work, I got more opportunities than I’d dared to wish for. Everything from Dramatized historical walks at Nyköping's house, a role in a short film, employed as a fire artist for Eldfågel, continued gigs with FAE Fire Group and a role as “the teacher” in the play Internerad.

I'm an actor with a wide skill set, Speech Drama, no problem. Physical theater? More than happy to do it. With high precision, creativity, pure joy and a lot of energy.

Do you have a cool theater project planned? Let’s get in touch.

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