Ocean - Original painting

1,000.00 kr

Acrylic painting on cotton canvas.

40cm x 30cm.

  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Signature of the artist at the back of the artwork.
  • Safe and secured payments.
  • Ship within five business days.

In stock


Ocean. Oh, you beautiful blue. How I miss you. For most of my life I have lived by the coast, either here in Sweden, in Norway and Spain. The ocean has always been dear to me. When I was a child we sailed in the archipelago, staying on one of the islands overnight just to continue the next morning. The ocean is a place I always will call my home.

This is one of the first paintings I have ever made. It is painted with several layers of blue. I have let the water run over the canvas several times. The symbol is in a bright silver created from my imagination but inspired by Nordic mythology.

Thank you for showing interest in my art. I hope this painting will be a joy to you.

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© Copyright: Morgana Orvokki

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