Vår - Original painting

5,000.00 kr

Acrylic painting on cotton canvas.
90cm x 70cm.

  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Signature of the artist at the back of the artwork.
  • Safe and secured payments.
  • Ship within five business days.

In stock


Vår. A portrait of spring.

A couple of years ago I lived in a small cottage outside of Gothenburg. The winter was rainy, windy, full of fog and wet snow. But the not so pleasant winter made the entrance of spring look like a miracle. It was like taking a breath after being under the surface for way too long. The world was painted in gold, green and blue. The trees let go of their pollen and the sun felt like a blessing from above. The feeling was almost overwhelming so I sat down and started to paint.

This is the story of Vår, a portrait of spring.

Thank you for showing interest in my art. I hope this painting will be a joy to you.


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© Copyright: Morgana Orvokki

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