Lady of the mist

300.00 kr

Fairy of the mist.

  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Signature of the artist at the back of the artwork.
  • Safe and secured payments.
  • Ship within five business days.

This photo is probebly my favourite. It was taken in the middle of the summer while the model was eaten by hundreds of mosquitos. In this specific photo, she tripped and I happen to take a shot in that exact moment. When we got home, tierd after donating way to much blood, I realised that this shot was the one we went out for.

The models name is Isabel Ahderinne. She is a dear friend of mine since many years. She is very artistic. She paints, act, write scripts and study to become a psychologist. It would be a great joy to me if you would check out her instagram: @isabels_skaparsida

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© Copyright: Morgana Orvokki

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